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Available 7 Days a Week
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4 Things You Should NEVER Do When You’re Experiencing a Dental Emergency

The dental professionals at Sweet Tooth Smiles in Richmond, Texas, are dedicated to treating patients and walk-ins experiencing serious injuries and pain from oral trauma and conditions.

Dr. Khan wants to inform his patients, and those in the general public, on what not to do when experiencing a dental emergency.

Never Delay in Scheduling an Appointment

Within 1-12 hours of an injury or a rapidly progressing condition, it is imperative to schedule an appointment on an emergency basis. Sweet Tooth Smiles always has the flexibility within its schedule to treat dental emergencies.

Never Use Aspirin After Dental Surgery

Always treat pain and discomfort after oral surgery with non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. These drug types do not interfere with the body’s ability to form blood clots.

Although many people are in the habit of reaching for aspirin, this remedy thins the blood and inhibits the formation of blood clots. This will cause excessive bleedings from the surgical area.

Never Use Soap to Rinse After a Tooth Loss

If you have the unfortunate experience of losing a tooth by way of an accident or injury, the tooth needs to be recovered as soon as practicable. Either secure the tooth in its socket, wrap it or place it a container of cold milk. Then, immediately make an emergency appointment with your dentist.

The goal is to keep the tooth protected and clean, and to not cause any further damage to the root or the gum tissue. Soap contains harsh chemicals and any scrubbing action, or any reaction to the soap’s chemicals, may cause permanent damage. Any damage to the root or soft gum tissue may inhibit the saving of the tooth.

Never Wait After Losing a Crown or Filling

The loss of a crown or a filling is a dental emergency and should be handled as such. Crowns and fillings are oral remedies used to protect the tooth’s enamel from further destruction or decay. Loss of a crown or a filling will expose the vulnerable enamel or the root to further harm.

Please contact Dr. Khan and his team of dental professionals at Sweet Tooth Smiles near you in Richmond, Texas, for a free consultation in general, cosmetic or orthodontic services. Sweet Tooth Smiles can accommodate 24-hour emergency services and welcomes new patients and free second opinions. These dental professionals are trusted and highly recommended in the Richmond area.

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